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There are a growing number of Doctors who are becoming aware of the power of nutrition and exercise as preventative medicine, and ex BTN student, Aileen Alexander of ThisDoctorLifts is one of them. In this short episode she chats about her thoughts on the state of nutrition education for doctors and what she's done to improve the situation in her own practice. 

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We all need to fail at life to learn, but how much? After being bullied at school, a failed marriage, hiding behind a fake persona and a less than ideal upbringing, Dave Cottrell decided to make a life pivot, a pivot that led him to lose over 9 stone, fight competitively, then become a mindset coach and help others with their life goals. If you're stuck in any way, you want persecutive on life, you want to be at one with your failures, you want to move forward positively, you want to understand yourself more, then this show is for you. 

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We all have regrets, but why? It's because we change and evolve as people, we learn to be better, to do better. Today is one of those days of reflection. I've deleted over 60 old podcast episodes, but why? It's because I've changed, I've evolved, I've learnt. 

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Dr Hazel Wallace is back to debate food vs exercise vs medicine, where does it all fit together? Being a Doctor & health coach Hazel is in the perfect position to comment on the changes we are seeing both in the medical world and the food and health coaching world. We discuss diet vs exercise and its impact on disease and obesity, new initiatives, the family environment, a new wave of thinking in young doctors, and the curse of social media. 

Enjoy. And please do check out Hazels new book: 

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Are you empowering or disempowering yourself? We're all too good at being negative and holding ourselves back, well, its time to stop that. I've two important lessons today as a result of learning I've done last week in a room full of people I respect and was inspired by. Are you ready to go 'all in' on what you're good at? 

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We often complain the NHS aren't doing enough, but are they? What preventive healthcare initiatives are happening, and how are the scientific innovators trying to effect the nations health? I debate with Dr Carl Brandt on nutrition vs exercise and what is more important, how we change peoples behaviour around diet and health, the current impact of conditions like diabetes, the concept of prevention, the impact of Liva Healthcare, and much more. 

Check out Liva: 

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When someone dies, how do you stay positive? Should you even stay positive? John Chapman, one half of The Lean Machines is a dear friend of mine and also, last year, had what he felt was the hardest year of his life. After a death in the family he wondered how he would cope and stay 'positive' to all around him. After he listened to my Podcasts 291 and 292 he recorded this, enjoy.

And if you need help, ask, be vulnerable, it's the only way to move forward. 

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What does a legend in the game do to keep things fresh? Don Saladino has been in the fitness game for 19 years, he's trained Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, and many other A-listers, he's also coached someone down from 800 Lbs, built a gym in New York, and more, so where does a man with this pedigree go now? I explore training, habits, steroids, Hollywood, fitness trends, gyms and more with humble fitness hero Don Saladino. Enjoy. 

Find Don at: 

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What do you do when you hit burnout, do you even know if you're burnt out? Right now I'm low, weak and feel powerless, I'm not myself, but I had to get to this place, and it's been a long time coming if I'm honest. Today I share with you the last few months, how I'm feeling right now, and most importantly, what I'm going to do about it. After all, with no action is no outcome. And I'm taking action, by taking NO action! 

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