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The fitness industry is full of egos and narcissists, and it's not helping the industry move forward. In this frank live recording from my May 2018 Body Power Expo talk I get as raw and honest as I can about the state of the fitness industry, the issues it faces, but importantly what we can do about it. If we want things to change, we have to be the voices of change, not just complain. Amidst all the swearing I hope you join me in this call to arms! 

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Do we do ourselves a disservice sometimes with our learning? We follow all sorts of people online and absorb all sorts of facts daily, but do we have a BS filter that is fully operational? Are we applying common sense? After listening to a Joe Rogan podcast on keto it got me thinking about conflicting opinions in the world of nutrition and how some people will contradict what they say with overlapping theories. Here's the solution! 

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Why is fat loss complicated? Or is it, really, honestly? In this candid and honest talk I freestyle on my approach to coaching clients at Be Fit Expo. I got invited to the event to present to a room of ladies on why they might be holding THEMSELVES back from their goals, and how I would approach it as a coach highlighting my 2 step initial approach, then outline the journey. The very system and approach I use in my 90 day coaching program Fat Loss for Life. 

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Today I set you 2 challenges around your mobile phone and social media use. I'm setting these challenges as I see too many people having an unhealthy relationship with social media and or social media giving them some sort of anxiety.

Our mental well-being is precious, we need to protect it, but we need boundaries as we get into unhealthy habits, after all we're only human.

Well, today is about breaking those habits, will you join me?

Do the challenges, great things will happen, promise. 

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Why would someone run, or do any exercise? Should it be fun, or just lead to an outcome, and how do we find out what really makes us tick? Virgin Sport are trying to do things a little bit differently, their races, the charities they support, their initiatives, and their brand value of 'business for good'. I chat to general manager and keen marathon runner Jessica Frey at Virgin Sport to see what they are up to, how they are trying to change things, and how they are impacting the UK's health. 

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When we first met Chris he was struggling to find balance in his nutrition and training, and as a result didn't feel as healthy as he believed he could. Two years later he is in amazing shape both inside and out, and that's not the only change!

Chris has recently left his corporate job to coach people full time, allowing him to do what he is passionate about and help a ton more people at the same time. 

His story is great, and we hope you take some inspiration from it!

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We all know the proximal cause of obesity - people eat too much and/or move too little over a prolonged period of time. That isn't really the whole picture, though - is it?

This fascinating conversation with Emma Story Gordon explores the role that genetics have in the development of obesity in free living conditions. After all, we all live in the same environment and most people don't want to be obese - so why is it that some end up gaining a lot of weight and others don't, when neither are paying much attention to their food? 

After exploring that, we discuss the necessity for counting calories and the pros and cons of eating the same foods all of the time. All in all this was a brilliant discussion from which we think you'll take a lot of cool info!

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We are joined by ex-BTN Academy student and online nutrition coach Emily Rayner to discuss her journey. Emily joined the fitness industry after improving her own mindset and fitness and taking the time to learn how to improve her behaviours, both to improve her body composition and her mental and social health. Emily has undergone an awesome journey and we're happy to have been part of it - hear her story and her thoughts on fitness as a whole. 

Find her Instagram at

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How is stress really affecting us? And what stress is the worst for us? The author of The Warrior Diet joins me on the show to discuss stress and it's dynamics, how it is really affecting us, why, and whether our biological systems are handling what we are throwing at it in this modern age. A fascinating show from one of life true health intellects. 

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