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Are there differences between men and women in their nutrition and training needs? In this episode I speak to researcher and doctorate Abbie Smith-Ryan from University of North Carolina, as we delve into macronutrients, HIIT training, supplements, stress, fasting, misinformation on the internet, and the different approaches one might take whether male or female in all the above scenarios. Enjoy. 

Find Abbie all over the internet by having a good google, but she loves twitter: 

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The #TruthAboutCarbs is doing the rounds, oh my days, so lets look at the research, research and science based arguments vs peoples opinions, what motivates us, and industry BS. I pack a lot into this micro show which is a clip from my interview on the Health Hackers show, which you can find here for the full interview: 

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If you could ask me anything, what would you ask me? This is how this show went down. The 3 Dumbbells is a London based podcast with Fred, Seb and Mat, and this is the recording as they dive deep into my professional background, my favourite books, top podcasts, my values as a coach, my tough year going bankrupt, views on coaching and change, my daily routines, being vulnerable, and why I've done what I've done in my career to date. 

Check out The 3 Dumbbells Podcast for more of Seb, Mat and Fred. 

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The fitness industry is a weird place right? Don't get me wrong, it needs to change, it has to change, people are more confused and troubled than ever despite the wealth of information available, but there is light everywhere, you just need to know where to find it, and to know that right now you are enough. 

Today's isn't about me, Dave Cottrell is back, with 90 second video about the fitness industry, enjoy... 

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James Haskell, England and Lions rugby player and top lad is BACK for his 3rd appearance on the show! Today we evolve the topic of mastering your own athleticism, why so many young men are not achieving their goals, the benefits of expertise and having a plan, but following the plan. We then have a MASSIVE moan about social media, the purpose of it, and the people on it, and how we can get more from it. 

James on da Internet:

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Is your hydration optimal and do our supplement needs change in the summer? This is a key question as we enter the hot summer months. In this podcast I discuss the hydration index, beer and coffee being dehydrating, minerals in our water, electrolytes, the best filters, and lastly a few tweaks with our supplements in the summer months. 

Yve-Bio filter I discussed: 

Awesome Supplements: 

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When do you need more data to reach your goals? And what data do we pay attention to? In this episode Tom B and I answer one of your questions discussing how do we get better results, when do we need more data, what is that data, where do psychological boundaries hold us back, where do calories become valuable, when do we change volume & intensity, how do we periodise, recovery parameters, and ultimately getting the outcome from training we expect! 

Expect big things from this show ;) 

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Is there pain in your life today, or has there been in the past and it took you too long to solve it and move on? Pain is an indicator, we don't avoid it, bury it, or hide it, we deal with it head on, but how when it feels too tender to touch? Today lets discuss three ways that I think could change how you deal with pain in your life, both short term and long term, and thus live a happier life with more meaning and less frustration. 

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