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If you could ask me ANYTHING what would it be? 

I get interviewed by Elliot Reeves (Inspired Edinburgh) on my 13 year journey to date. We discuss my ego, my view of myself, the world as I see it, my career, why I've made selfish choices, prioritising, blocks to success, my legacy, negatives of social media, advice to my younger self, and more. 

This interview was filmed 1-2-1, face to face, hard questions were asked. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did recording.

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Do you know a couple that can't get pregnant? 

I've helped many couples conceive, its an area of my work that just seemed to happen in the early years. And to be honest my approach is super simple. But there are a few key things I believe to be fundamental in preparing the body to give life and carry that life. 

A short podcast on my top tips for getting pregnant and bringing a healthy life into the world 

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CBD or cannabidiol is a topic that's on everyone's lips at the moment. While some think it's little more than an overhyped fad, others are claiming it will help everything from sleep to cancer - but what's the truth? 

In this show co-host Tom chats to Evan DeMarco of Omax nutrition about what CBD is, how it works and what it can be used for in the general public. What's its interaction with inflammation, recovery and performance as well as the upcoming research on more clinical issues. 

Overall this was a fascinating conversation, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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Want to join my new private Facebook Community?

I've just created a new community called #AskBen Coomber, it's a place I'll be doing live Q&As, sharing my training and nutrition updates, and levelling with you on a more personal level and helping YOU as much as I can. 

I'll also be uploading my seminars and I've already uploaded my talk '25 Reason's you're not losing body fat', my favourite talk to deliver.

All free.  

Hit this link to join, be warned, massive value inside:

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99% of people hate talking about money, why?

We have a culture of money secrecy, people scared to talk about what they earn, how much something cost, or what something is really worth. Yet we all want more?! 

I welcome Jason Graystone onto the show (Tier One Trading) as we talk about his journey to financial freedom, investing, and why some peoples perception of money is holding them back.

Jason's website: 

Note: This show is not financial advice, but opinion.

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Do you know what it is?

The ONE thing that will make you more successful? 

It's no secret, in fact the hint is in the title.  

Apply this tip and scale up your success at ANYTHING in life. 

Enjoy. And if you've feedback for the show, hit me up on social :) 

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What does it take to be as strong as Sonny Webster? 

Join me as I interview Sonny Webster, a hugely popular man on Instagram throwing around silly weights all over the place, we discuss his journey into olympic weightlifting, what made him great, the steps he took to reach the world stage, his diet, his philosophy on being the best, and where he's heading now. 

Watch out for Part 2 as we go deeper into his training methodologies. 

Check Sonny out at: 

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Struggle with confidence in what you do and who you are?

This needs to change, today. In todays podcast I want to discuss you and your ability to sell yourself. See, we're all sales people, whether you like it or not. 

We're selling ideas, ideals, beliefs, values, products, services, methods, nowhere can you avoid selling yourself. 

So today it's time to get comfortable with that and go out and tell the world how awesome you are!! 

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Do you struggle with the weekend? Eat great during the week but it all goes to pot at the weekend? Perhaps its to do with your all our nothing mentality, or perhaps your mindset, planning and reasoning needs work? 

Ultimately, are you getting the results you want right now?

Join us as we go deep into the reasons people binge, stall & hold themselves back. This is all off the back of some recent teaching we're doing & 2 very poignant listener questions.

Our teaching systems:  

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