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The Lean Machines join me LIVE on the show from SFN Expo, a show where we discuss their journey in fitness, how their opinions and application of diet, training and mindset has changed over the years, whats next for them, why they love crossfit, their top recovery tips, how they are planning to be the worlds best dad, and more musing on all sorts of fitness topics. 

Enjoy. Find 'The Lean Machines' all over the internet, especially on YouTube. 

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People often struggle with consistency on a diet, but why? 

In this short podcast I explore the key issues around consistency, so if you're struggling, get this downloaded, get it in your ears, take action. 

These things are simple, they're just not always easy, I get that, but the power IS in your hands. 

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Cameron Parker, a motivational speaker in schools joins me to talk motivation, education, nutrition, schooling, parenting, personal ownership, societal norms, social media, addiction, body language, personal motivators, and the impression we are making as adults on the youth of today, and whether it's positive. 

This show started as a Part 2 Energy Drink ban debate after last week, but escalated into so much more. 

Buckle in, this is show is longer than normal & fiery! 

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Find assessing protein quality confusing? In this show we explore the confusing world of protein quality, quantity and sources. How can you tell if a food provides good quality protein, and what can you do if you don't get it?

What about being vegetarian or vegan? Is there a difference between whey & vegan protein shakes? Are protein shakes good or bad? 

Get clarity on protein, it's sources, and scientific fact. 

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