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Do you know what it is?

The ONE thing that will make you more successful? 

It's no secret, in fact the hint is in the title.  

Apply this tip and scale up your success at ANYTHING in life. 

Enjoy. And if you've feedback for the show, hit me up on social :) 

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What does it take to be as strong as Sonny Webster? 

Join me as I interview Sonny Webster, a hugely popular man on Instagram throwing around silly weights all over the place, we discuss his journey into olympic weightlifting, what made him great, the steps he took to reach the world stage, his diet, his philosophy on being the best, and where he's heading now. 

Watch out for Part 2 as we go deeper into his training methodologies. 

Check Sonny out at: 

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Struggle with confidence in what you do and who you are?

This needs to change, today. In todays podcast I want to discuss you and your ability to sell yourself. See, we're all sales people, whether you like it or not. 

We're selling ideas, ideals, beliefs, values, products, services, methods, nowhere can you avoid selling yourself. 

So today it's time to get comfortable with that and go out and tell the world how awesome you are!! 

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Do you struggle with the weekend? Eat great during the week but it all goes to pot at the weekend? Perhaps its to do with your all our nothing mentality, or perhaps your mindset, planning and reasoning needs work? 

Ultimately, are you getting the results you want right now?

Join us as we go deep into the reasons people binge, stall & hold themselves back. This is all off the back of some recent teaching we're doing & 2 very poignant listener questions.

Our teaching systems:  

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Are you, honestly, being honest with yourself?

With a diet, with change, with a training program, we have to be 100% raw and honest with ourselves and what we've done to get the outcome we've got, otherwise we bulls*** ourselves, and that never leads to positively moving forward, its just leads to frustration and anger. 


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What would you tell your younger self if you had the chance? 

What books would you get yourself to read as early on in life as possible? 

Have you learnt from your failures, or are you wallowing in them letting them define your future actions in a negative way? 

Mark Whittle interviewed me on my failures, how I feel they've defined me, who inspires me, events that have shaped me, and more. 

Enjoy, link to the Take Flight Podcast: 

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Do you procrastinate? Do you lack clarity? Does it always feel like you're fighting a losing in battle in your head? 

It's time to clean your house... 

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Have a couple of beers and people can loose their S*** when you're a 'fitness guy'. Reality is Tom and I drink a few times a week, but what is the safe or healthy level of alcohol consumption?

What about processed meats that have been linked to cancer? 

In this episode we talk about the ACTUAL REAL RESEARCH when it comes to alcohol & bacon and its impact on cancer and other diseases. 

+ tangents on health, lifestyle, personal choice, and the internet in navigating your fitness journey. 

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Remember podcasts 291 & 292 where I opened up about the hardest year of my life and nearly going bankrupt? Well I've 100% turned it around, I'm in a good place again, I'm giving myself a high 5! 

But how did I do it, and what have the last 6 months been like after those 2 podcasts I did? 

And what does the future have in store for me? 

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In life, are you taking your chances? Mike Vacanti bought a one way trip to NYC to apply for a job, a massive gamble, and it worked, 5 minutes later he's the personal coach to Gary VaynerChuk, BOOM!

We discuss Mike's life gambles, what stops others from taking big risks, fear, his $150,000 fitness poker stunt, our love of Jordan B Perterson, the future of fitness, and re-grouping after failure. A not to be missed show. I'd Highly recommend some of Mike's blogs:  

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