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My second confessions podcast journeying my last 10 years in the fitness industry, except today I talk just as much about the future, as I do the past. I recap on some thoughts and comments that arose from part 1, my journey with caffeine and how I was so wrong, yet so right about some of my assumptions and thus how that led me to the development of TDT, which is now RIP. I then detail why TDT is now now more and why AS is now born, enjoy. 

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It's a round the houses show with a ton of content as we discuss; training in the gym from personal experience, the art and science of bodybuilding, ensuring you are eating enough, being superman, the mindset around your training, the dynamics of DOMS, the science of transdermal absorption, carb loading, carb cycling, competition prep and why you should and shouldn't do it, and more, all with my lovely co-host Rachel Guy. 

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If you don't seek optimal health, what else do you seek? Yuri Elkaim is the perfect man to tell this story, living life as a successful athlete, yet it all went so wrong so quickly. Yuri tells his story of discovering the true value of health after loosing his hair, and his continued discovery of optimal health. With 3 best selling books, Yuri and I discuss change, stress, balance, caffeine, kitchen gadgets, real food, family, time out, work / life balance, and much more. An insightful interview from a man well versed in a journey of health exploration. 

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What should we feed our kids, and where are the root issues? Should we give our kids sweets, how do we get kids to eat their greens, and do we need a mindset shift when it comes to nutrition for kids, both at home and at school? Are all the issues we have with child obesity and concentration in school just down to a lack of education, or is it more than that? Myself and guest Jennifer Bulcock tackle this sensitive topic in support of our new video and free book on kids nutrition. 

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What happens before and after pregnancy, and how should women think about their health? We open up a conversation for the ladies - but also don't leave out the men in this show (be ready for some hard truths men). We discuss strength, health, post pregnancy exercise, core function, pelvic floor, relationship talk, communication, pressure of society on females and their bodies, self-confidence, and more. All with Jessie Mundell. 

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A mash up show of lots of your questions, including what to do when your boobs are big and managing them physically, working on your posture, group training and the benefits, where to start with learning about nutrition when your 20 years old, how to be bold and shift careers, the opportunities life has for us, the danger of comparing yourself to life's ideals, why and when to get a mindset fix, and why when you are in a hole - always focus on health! 

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Want to optimise your health on all levels? So much still comes down to the gut. In this interview I chat with Jeannette Hyde on the new research around gut health, how to heal the gut, what comes first - supplements or food, how many vegetables we should really eat, why gluten can be such an issue, how you eat being important, bridging the gap in functional medicine, the spectrum of sensitivities, and discuss her new book 'The Gut Makeover' available now on Amazon. 

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I've made mistakes & failed, a lot, let me share my last 10 years with you in a VERY honest, raw and upfront show, explaining my path, how I evolved as a coach, what theories I evolved with and how they changed over the years, my position stance on the gut, hormones, and building a diet, why criticism is a strange beast, why a life of focusing on the past only holds you back, and how I aim to move forward with my work in the fitness world from this day forward. 

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We get on a rant about working hard over being talented, a mis diagnosed problem in modern society where most problems can be overcome by simple hard work. Rachel Guy and I also discuss leadership within your own life and with others, good books in the area of leadership, and some life experiences we have had both personally and with others. We also discuss training when your 15, how training variety can be thought of outside of the gym, fasted training and the dynamics of hybrid training, and more. 

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What can we learn from someone who's passed the marine commando training test? Tom Foxley is this man, a guy that trained for 45 minutes 5x a week and then passed to get the coveted green beret. Learn how he trained, why he only trained for 45 minutes each time, what the test was like, what kind of mindset gets you through such tough times, what he ate, how he combatted sleep deprivation, and more. Check out Tom at 

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