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Today we discuss pre workout nutrition when training early in the morning, and how to get motivation back when it slips in the gym. We also delve into what happens when we don't make progress? Whats the plan? Should you be scared to change your plan? Maybe even change career? From changing your training program in the gym, to changing your life direction, it's time to be bold and step up to what needs to change. 

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Brad Schoenfeld joins me on the show to answer the question, how do you build the maximum amount of muscle possible, naturally? Along with answering this key question we look at training techniques, training variation, the use of bands and chains, your genetic ceiling, training before stepping on stage and competing, training with limited equipment, and the science and application of training for muscle. 

Grab a copy of Brad's book here: 

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Does fitness define you? If it does, this is how to break free from the affliction. I am all for fitness and sport being part of your life, but it's not your life, unless you are a professional athlete, which still has its boundaries. We also discuss how simplicity can be the root cause of a problem, why no one wants to be told what to do, how to talk to people to get positive change, any many more tangents and rants. 

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What if I said you could have it all? Everything you ever dreamed of... would you believe me? Join me with coach Pat Divilly, a master of coaching others to get what they want, health, happiness, meaning, fitness, adventure, success, everything could be yours after this next hour with us... 

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After myself and Rachel rant about the evolution of unqualified fitness professionals and coaches online, we then move into another thought provoking show, and breach the questions....

Do you paralyse yourself with the pursuit of perfection? Is what you want achievable? Are you so driven, analytical, and single minded that you are damaging more than just your body? Are the relationships you have healthy? Is the goal you have for your body your goal? And more... Enjoy. 

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Want a scientific and specific approach to your training and nutrition but at the same time as balance in your life? Learn from someone who juggles a PhD, competing, and living life to the max, with body building and powerlifting expert Eric Helms. In this episode we discuss IIFYM, bodybuilding and powerlifting training, balance in your approach as an athlete, his journey and mistakes, and much more. 

In this weeks show I also discuss the beauty of audiobooks. If you would
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Please be aware of Audibles T&C's, which is always important. 
For my individual book recommendations check out these individual links: 
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What is the meaning of life? What is our purpose on this planet? Are you happy where you are right now? Do you live with passion in your purpose? In this episode we cover diversification of your education, how to manage multiple training scenarios as an athlete, and much more... culminating in the meaning of life.... Enjoy! 

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If you couldn't use your legs fully, what sport would you do? Dan Highcock got shown wheelchair basketball at an early age and hasn't looked back since after a fatal motorbike accident. In this episode Dan shares his journey, his evolution as person, how his nutrition has evolved over the years, how he structures his training as an athlete, why giving up coffee was one of the best things he's ever done, why meditation has changed so much for him, and much more. Check Dan out on Social media, he posts some cool stuff. 

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Unhappy with your job? Ever thought of being in the fitness industry? In this episode we talk about 3 key factors, 1. How to get into the health and fitness industry and what courses to do, 2. What to do if you don't enjoy your job and how to make the job you do more rewarding, 3. How your words and how you perceive your world can change everything in your life. I'd like to think that even if you are not in the fitness industry or want to be that there is a key life lesson for everyone in this show... Enjoy. 

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Mike Dolce coaches some of the top MMA and UFC Athletes in the world, he's the go to man. In this podcast episode we discuss his journey into the world of MMA, the changes that have occurred over his time in the sport - both with and without his influence, the old vs the new school ways of cutting weight, how to reach optimal performance, why getting nutrition and training right is only scratching the surface, and how his personal journey over recent years is impacting more than just the fight world. This is an EPIC interview!

Check out Mike at 

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