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Mike Dolce coaches some of the top MMA and UFC Athletes in the world, he's the go to man. In this podcast episode we discuss his journey into the world of MMA, the changes that have occurred over his time in the sport - both with and without his influence, the old vs the new school ways of cutting weight, how to reach optimal performance, why getting nutrition and training right is only scratching the surface, and how his personal journey over recent years is impacting more than just the fight world. This is an EPIC interview!

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We think we're ready to work on our weaknesses, but are we? Really? In this episode we go on a right ole ramble from one users question, looking at our reasons not to change. Another episode asking deeper questions of our nature and rationale. 

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Dr Jacob Wilson is back on the show to chat about nutrition. Last time he was on the show we talked about training and what goes down in his lab, and now the prolific and outspoken researcher is back to talk about the research on protein overfeeding, intermittent fasting, calorie cycling, what happens if you diet for only 10 days then have a 3 day break, ketogenic dieting and the benefits, and much more. Enjoy. 

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Bodybuilding is the pursuit of changing the body, which more of us do that we like to admit. While we might not be bodybuilders in the strictest sense or the way it's portrayed in the media, we are always looking for self improvement. Stephen Box is a natural competitive bodybuilder in the physique model class, over his last 18 month journey, what has he learning about training his body, developing his physique, and the evolution of him. I find out as we discuss training techniques, load, activation, dropping the 'load' ego, mindfulness,, training cycles, steroid use in bodybuilding, and much more. A fascinating and insightful discussion from a top mind in the field. 

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A show with a million directions today, including discussing on the obese man that lives inside me, calorific foods, the importance of having a busy but balanced life, finding ways of feeling full and satiated, how to follow people you love and catch their work on the road, the importance of playing the long game with adrenal fatigue, accounting for your changes in energy expenditure, and much more. 

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Dieting, aka fat loss can be tough and confusing, lets end that confusion and work out what to do when you are not losing weight, have stubborn areas of fat or skin you want to work on, are stuck on a low calorie diet and don't know how to lose more fat, can't up your training intensity and lose fat at the same time, have stress as an added variable in your fat loss battle, want to know more about training for fat loss and what to do in the gym, and generally want more results than you are currently getting. 

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#93 - HUGE Q&A chat with Rachel Guy

Rachel and I are back with another BIG Q&A show, this week we talk about Quorn and vegetarian subtitutes, the AIP protocol and auto-immune based issues, how body builders have a crap diet and still look great, the value of BCAA's, what to eat and supplement with on long cycle rides. This is a show to learn about nutrition, performance, health, well-being, being happy and awesome!

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A Q&A special with co-host Rachel Guy. Rachel and I discuss where and how to get blood work done, differing techniques when fat loss stalls, is your protein intake too high, my trip with layne norton, body power 2014, what to do when you know what to do - but the mind won't let it be actioned, and busting a plataeu. Check Rachel out at and myself at 

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Ben Greenfield is todays special guest, Ben is doing awesome things in the US with BG Fitness so I got him on the show to chat. We talk about his journey in the fitness world, ketogenic nutrition in endurance sports, his personal experimentation with far dominant endurance training, fat metabolism, somatotyping, gluten in peoples diets, intolerances and symptomology, and all sorts of other cool stuff. Vistit for more info on Ben. 

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