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Getting older, and things getting harder? Yep, I'm sure you're not alone. In this episode I help a user navigate getting older and the steps you might need to take to alleviate the stress and changes that are happening. I also rant on people complaining about where they are at in life, and whether they have the right to complain at all... 

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Chronic Fatigue is an end stage of acute long term stress, so are you at risk? Are you already suffering with the signs? What are the signs? In this episode I talk to functional medicine practitioner Alex Manos on the many contributing factors around chronic fatigue (syndrome) and how we can look to conquer this growing problem. We look at the 6 level approach, the physiological dynamics of such a condition, and then move into discussing the role of the gut and the microbiome and its affect on health. 

Check out Alex website: if your interested in this area 

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Want to lose body fat and maintain performance? What if you play sport and you are in or pre season? Is carb cycling just for body builders, or can the average man and woman do it? In this short episode we quickly unravel this topic. Enjoy 

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Do you mindfully binge eat? Why is this? You know you're doing it, but you can't stop, yet you still get annoyed at the outcome. In this episode we discuss the paradox of calories and binge eating, under eating, under performing, and how this all connects to the bigger picture. We also discuss using alcohol as a way to relax, and the stress we all face in daily life. This is possibly one of my favourite episodes to date, truly real talk. Enjoy. 

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Do you think the fitness industry is negative at times? I do. And it makes you question what the industry was first set up to create, better, healthier people right? Well it often doesn't feel like that, but I think we can make a difference... 

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What if you have everything but you're still not happy? Get to the top of the corporate ladder, have a 6 figure salary, have the house, the car, the lot, but feel empty? This was where Nicola Buckley was several years ago, but has develop the StongHer program as a result of her journey. In this episode we venture into the neuroscience of change, how to evolve from a negative state, and how to envisage your future. We wrap Nicola's real world experience with the science of change, enjoy! 

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In this short 10 minute show I talk through how to optimise your body, recovery and performance. Drawing on calories and our total daily energy expenditure for optimal output. Get to grips with this simple concept, and greater performance and recovery is yours! 

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Team BMF obstacle racer and ultra marathon runner David Hellard joins me on the show to talk about his accidental stumble into running, why he runs now, how he fuels for such races, why alcohol will always be part of his life, why he feels outdoor training can be so beneficial for everyone, whether extreme races are fitness or mindset, his experience being in the BBC program special forces ultimate hell week, and much more. 

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In this short new podcast format I rant on happiness, and whether you are going to choose to take it or not. Many of us have self-sabotaging habits, things we do that hold us back, the way we think and act that we know isn't 'normal' or conductive to success. Question is, are we going to choose to change? 

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We talk everything sleep in an awesome 2 part episode. In part 2 we cover sleep hacks, gadgets you can use, areas you haven't considered for sleep optimisation, polyphasic sleeping, sleep as a 90 minute cycle, recovery and performance enhancement, and more. A truly fascinating show. 

Use code: BENC10 to access a discount on pretty much all Nicks services and products. Here are the links to the interventions discussed.


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