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When we first met Chris he was struggling to find balance in his nutrition and training, and as a result didn't feel as healthy as he believed he could. Two years later he is in amazing shape both inside and out, and that's not the only change!

Chris has recently left his corporate job to coach people full time, allowing him to do what he is passionate about and help a ton more people at the same time. 

His story is great, and we hope you take some inspiration from it!

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We all know the proximal cause of obesity - people eat too much and/or move too little over a prolonged period of time. That isn't really the whole picture, though - is it?

This fascinating conversation with Emma Story Gordon explores the role that genetics have in the development of obesity in free living conditions. After all, we all live in the same environment and most people don't want to be obese - so why is it that some end up gaining a lot of weight and others don't, when neither are paying much attention to their food? 

After exploring that, we discuss the necessity for counting calories and the pros and cons of eating the same foods all of the time. All in all this was a brilliant discussion from which we think you'll take a lot of cool info!

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We are joined by ex-BTN Academy student and online nutrition coach Emily Rayner to discuss her journey. Emily joined the fitness industry after improving her own mindset and fitness and taking the time to learn how to improve her behaviours, both to improve her body composition and her mental and social health. Emily has undergone an awesome journey and we're happy to have been part of it - hear her story and her thoughts on fitness as a whole. 

Find her Instagram at

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How is stress really affecting us? And what stress is the worst for us? The author of The Warrior Diet joins me on the show to discuss stress and it's dynamics, how it is really affecting us, why, and whether our biological systems are handling what we are throwing at it in this modern age. A fascinating show from one of life true health intellects. 

Check out Ori's work here: 

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There are a growing number of Doctors who are becoming aware of the power of nutrition and exercise as preventative medicine, and ex BTN student, Aileen Alexander of ThisDoctorLifts is one of them. In this short episode she chats about her thoughts on the state of nutrition education for doctors and what she's done to improve the situation in her own practice. 

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We all need to fail at life to learn, but how much? After being bullied at school, a failed marriage, hiding behind a fake persona and a less than ideal upbringing, Dave Cottrell decided to make a life pivot, a pivot that led him to lose over 9 stone, fight competitively, then become a mindset coach and help others with their life goals. If you're stuck in any way, you want persecutive on life, you want to be at one with your failures, you want to move forward positively, you want to understand yourself more, then this show is for you. 

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We all have regrets, but why? It's because we change and evolve as people, we learn to be better, to do better. Today is one of those days of reflection. I've deleted over 60 old podcast episodes, but why? It's because I've changed, I've evolved, I've learnt. 

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Dr Hazel Wallace is back to debate food vs exercise vs medicine, where does it all fit together? Being a Doctor & health coach Hazel is in the perfect position to comment on the changes we are seeing both in the medical world and the food and health coaching world. We discuss diet vs exercise and its impact on disease and obesity, new initiatives, the family environment, a new wave of thinking in young doctors, and the curse of social media. 

Enjoy. And please do check out Hazels new book: 

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Are you empowering or disempowering yourself? We're all too good at being negative and holding ourselves back, well, its time to stop that. I've two important lessons today as a result of learning I've done last week in a room full of people I respect and was inspired by. Are you ready to go 'all in' on what you're good at? 

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We often complain the NHS aren't doing enough, but are they? What preventive healthcare initiatives are happening, and how are the scientific innovators trying to effect the nations health? I debate with Dr Carl Brandt on nutrition vs exercise and what is more important, how we change peoples behaviour around diet and health, the current impact of conditions like diabetes, the concept of prevention, the impact of Liva Healthcare, and much more. 

Check out Liva: 

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