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Got mental blocks that you can't break through? Perhaps it's the way you think, the way you are wired, your up bringing, and just how you feel about yourself. Either way, the way you think and act might be holding you back. Chris interviews me on my take on mental road blocks, and I give my formula for breaking through your mental blocks with a fresh and new perspective. It's time to progress, once and for all, enjoy! 

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What do you do in the gym, and why? What should you do as a warm up, cool down, and the bulk of the session? What can we learn from crossfit and other systems of training? In this episode we explore Andy's WRAPS system of training and explore the essential components of a workout with purpose. We also discuss the character traits that leads to a confident trainee, along with many other ramblings and musings. 

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The answers are often staring us in the face, but are we being objective enough to see them. Our diet, our training, the macros we eat, the stress in our lives, its all there, we just need to see it. Tom and I conquer 3 key listeners questions today that force us to cover a ton of ground on a lot of topics surrounding diet, hormones, training, food volume, food prep, stress, the dynamics of coaching and human health, and more, this episode is info packed. Enjoy. 

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Do you have a healthy relationship with food? Does food cause you anxiety? Does your beliefs around food make you not enjoy food, and do you think you would enjoy food more, in the right quantities, with a shift in your mindset around food? Devyn Session, the author of Kitchen Intuition joins me on the show to talk about her journey, her anxiety around food, and how we need to embrace the kitchen environment. 

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Ladies, want 10 steps to ultimate success with your body and mind? Then this show is for you, and yes, guys can learn a TON here too. In this show I discuss Aldine's 10 steps to success system, covering her mindset essentials, her training essentials, and nutrition essentials for ultimate body and mind success, and there will be quite a few steps that surprise you, it's not a basic, drink water, eat real food guide, we're way beyond that here on Ben Coomber Radio. 

Aldine has a refreshing take on body confidence and progressing with your health, so if you want a bit more of that in your life, then this show is for you. Her message has now been featured by Woman's Health & the BBC, so she knows what she's talking about. Enjoy. Check out Aldine at: 

Facebook: Aldine Preisner
Facebook Group: Learn to Lift
Instagram: @aldine_preisner_pt 
Twitter: @AldinePT

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Want to know more about some of the darker supplements in our industry, that are often used in the world of bodybuilding? Steroids, fat burners, pro-hormones, glucose disposal agents, and more are discussed in this podcast with super brainy co-host Tom Bainbridge. What are they, what do they do, should you use them, and what the science says about whether they work. Enjoy. 

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It's not often it happens on this show, but let's turn the tables where I get interviewed. This interview is one I did for a show called Zestology by Tony Wrighton. Tony interviewed me on my perspective around bulletproof coffee, anxiety issues are food and diet, why health and change is merely a change of perspective as to what is important, where and how high fat diets are applicable, why he's confused that I'm not a big proponent of supplements despite owning a supplement company, and we delve deeper into my journey and my drivers of change, going deep. Enjoy. 

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Want to have a shake for breakfast, uh oh, think twice... NO seriously, should we, is it an option? Let's have a look at what the research says, what's in all these drinks like Huel, Soylent, Herbalife and Rosa Labs, and delve into the why, how and ethics placed on your health. Ultimately health is key, right? Join me and my new co-host on what is a very salty, often ranty, yet informative, research driven show all about diet replacement shakes, health, and MUCH more. Enjoy. 

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Should we be concerned with environmental Oestrogen? Do you know all the ways it creeps into our diet? There are 10 top offenders, and in this informative podcast with Dr Anthony G Jay, we uncover the dangers of Oestrogens and what we can do about it. For the purpose of your own research, the top 10 list we discussed are: 

1. Phytoestrogens 

2. Mycoestrogens 

3. Atrazine 

4. Triclosan & APE's 

5. BP & 4-MBC 

6. Red Numbers 3 & 40 

7. Parabens 

8. Phthalates 

9. BPA & BPS 

10. EE2 

The link to the discussed research on Soy is here: 


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Want to know what we can learn from dogs? A lot. In this episode I talk to Graeme Hall, the Dogfather (from TV's 'Dog's behaving badly'), a dog trainer that focuses on human behaviour to get the best out of the owner, and the dog, to create positive change. So what if we apply dog training principals to our own lives, can we break habits we think we can't give up, can we do more, can we be more, can we change, for good?

Can we be the best at something? Can we stop eating junk food when we 'feel' we can't? Can we lift that weight we believe we can't? This is another life changing episode, if you're willing to apply some very simple principals of change. 

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