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When someone dies, how do you stay positive? Should you even stay positive? John Chapman, one half of The Lean Machines is a dear friend of mine and also, last year, had what he felt was the hardest year of his life. After a death in the family he wondered how he would cope and stay 'positive' to all around him. After he listened to my Podcasts 291 and 292 he recorded this, enjoy.

And if you need help, ask, be vulnerable, it's the only way to move forward. 

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What does a legend in the game do to keep things fresh? Don Saladino has been in the fitness game for 19 years, he's trained Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, and many other A-listers, he's also coached someone down from 800 Lbs, built a gym in New York, and more, so where does a man with this pedigree go now? I explore training, habits, steroids, Hollywood, fitness trends, gyms and more with humble fitness hero Don Saladino. Enjoy. 

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What do you do when you hit burnout, do you even know if you're burnt out? Right now I'm low, weak and feel powerless, I'm not myself, but I had to get to this place, and it's been a long time coming if I'm honest. Today I share with you the last few months, how I'm feeling right now, and most importantly, what I'm going to do about it. After all, with no action is no outcome. And I'm taking action, by taking NO action! 

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Do our teeth reflect the health of our diet? Many years ago a book called 'Nutrition and Physical Degeneration' pointed at a change in our diet and the health of our teeth, now dentist Dr Steven Lin aims to continue this seminal work by Dr Weston A Price. How are your teeth? Could their health be linked to your diet? Lets find out with Australian dentist Dr Steven Lin. Find his book 'The Dental Diet' on Amazon here: 

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S.A.D is a seasonal form of depression that affects 1 in 15 in the UK. Could S.A.D relate to a vitamin D deficiency? The answer is maybe, and in this episode Tom lets you know what he did about it this year in some personal experimentation. 

*Note, this is not medical advice nor is it a scientific experiment - rather, it's an anecdote that we hope you might find interesting, whether you suffer from this condition or not

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What is motivation, and how do you keep cultivating it? Is it internal, or can we create it, maybe it's just a state of energy and focus, and how do we change it? Tom and I open discussion on mindset and motivation and segway into a discussion on relationships and friction in them, changing identity as a person as you grow, and having a growth mindset as a person, how do we navigate it and create the right environment for it. A potent and deep show, enjoy! 

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The inmates are running the asylum - Tom has a solo show! Personal development is a critical part of your growth as a practitioner, a coach, an athlete and a person; but in the age of information are we doing personal development wrong? If you read 60 books per year will it really make you better at what you do?

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After the attention episode 301 got where we discussed the Cancer Research UK campaign Cancer Research UK got in touch, so this episode Cancer Research join me to discuss the O_B_ S_ _Y Campaign. What was the aim of the campaign and what data was it based on? Is obesity really a serious threat to our health and linked to cancer? What can we be doing to support wider change, and is there enough happening at a government policy level to effect massive change? All this and more is discussed with Emma Shields, Cancer Research UK spokesperson. Find out more at:

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I believe in life we have to grow, it's what keeps us whole. We need to keep learning and growing and challenging ourselves. Whats my current plan with my own personal development? Find out in this quick 10 minute podcast. 

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Is the most recent Cancer UK OBESITY campaign fat shaming? Tom and I look objectively at the campaign and discuss it's pros, cons, and whether it will work to create a change in dietary awareness. We then move onto discuss the new 400-600-600 OneLife diet campaign for the UK, again, will this make any change, will it help the obesity epidemic? We also discuss the new 20% calorie cut and update show 299 on the glute training discussion. Got a comment on the show? Get in touch! 

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