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Instagram has blown up fitness, but is it all positive? Does it paint a good enough picture of being strong, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally?

Zanna Van Dijk is the perfect person to talk about this with, a fitness blogger and instagram celeb who co-runs the Girl Gains movement. Zanna and I discuss where and how Instagram is playing a role in young people finding fitness information, what messages need to get out there, where to start if you are just getting into fitness, the art of self love, and why everyones journey is different and we all need to find our own level of personal balance. 

Oh and her book is out, and it looks awesome: 

Find Zanna here: 

And for all her social profiles, search for: Zanna Van Dijk 

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I invite Phil Graham for a 2nd interview on the podcast and this time we discuss diabetes, something that is very close to Phil's heart. In this interview we discuss the differences between type 1 and 2 diabetes, how to optimise it, the role of insulin, the importance of exercise, things you need to be aware of, optimising body composition with diabetes, health considerations, training considerations, micronutrient considerations, and more. I also delve into Phil's transition out of bodybuilding and into the normal world of training for health and performance. An excellent show with a knowledgable and humble guy, and if you haven't got a copy of his book, get one! 

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Are you ready for hard work? Many Aren't. So we put the ball in your court with some tough love while discussing the state of the fitness industry right now and how I hope it changes in 2016 towards the purpose in which it was originally created. 

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The world of fitness is changing, question is, are you going to change with it? Since myself and Rachel have been coaches, much has changed, our goals, our plans, our education, our journey, and we have changed and flexed with it, and had many life realisations. Mainly that life is more than fitness, that we are a sum of many more things, and this is how we now live an AWESOME life, are you ready to do the same? Are you ready for an AWESOME life? 

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Jason Ferruggia joins me on the show to get real with why and how we do things in life. Why do we train the way we do, why we eat the way we do, why training 3 days a week is best, why eating 'clean' is best but life is for enjoyment, why stress is crippling our minds, why life is about living - which many of us are not doing, why your mind is the stumbling block for everything we attempt to achieve, and why the expectations of the fitness industry have been holding people back for years in living to their true potential. This is an EPIC show. 

Visit: for more info 

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Food toxicity, vulnerability, and responsibility are the focus of this weeks show alongside an epic ramble from myself on how our approach to our own issues and lifestyle factors now needs to be taken by the horns by the only person in power to change it, us! Alongside this we discuss having vision, a plan, how to be critical, positive affirmations and much more on nutrition and optimal human performance. 

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Ollie hit rock bottom during a career in semi-pro rugby while running a night club, burning the wick at both ends, training hard, playing hard, and trying to earn money all at the same time. This lead him to adrenal fatigue and a 2 year path to rehab. Learn from Ollie's mistakes, learn what helped him the most in his path to optimal health and wellness and why he now runs saviour sports tea.  

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George Bryant has been through more in his life than most. Raped at a young age, developed eating disorders, enrolled into the military and got so muscular in his down time that he got compartment syndrome which meant his legs blew up, gained and lost 100lbs, developed the mindset to conquer his fears, and now lives a life of positive balance and peace. Will you accept George's challenge? 

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What do you do when you're not reaching your goals? Do you have a plan B? Do you know how to quantify your goals into the situations you are facing? Do you know when enough is enough and you need the help of a coach? When all else fails, stick to the basics. We also cover BCAA supplementation, cutting water before a fight, metabolic damage in fighters, magnesium supplementation and getting the s**ts, and much more. 

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How do you get more willpower and motivation? What stops us from sticking to our plans, and do the things we need to to be successful? What is willpower? What is motivation? How do we find meaning in what we do? How do we set short term and long term goals, and stick to them? How beneficial is self-talk? Are you mindful about your choices? Is just 'turning up' half the battle won? Michelle Segar, Phd joins me on the show to discuss her work on how we think and the choices we make. She also has a book 'No Sweat' available now on Amazon. 

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