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This week I have the pleasure of interviewing Aoife Mac Intyre, a disordered eating specialist. We talk about binge eating, anorexia, the pitfalls and problems with fitness competing, emotional eating, and everything in-between. Aoife brings a professional yet heart felt perspective to the issues and we crank out some awesome tips and perspective. 

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Me and Anna hit up your questions, talking about burning fat around the abs, what are mine and Anna's top 5 personal meals, how to get a better nights sleep, what health and fitness education is worth your money, taking anti-oxidants around the training window, whether or not to take casein protein before bed, and what type of protocols are best when it comes to carb cycling. All bundled up with the usual assortment of banter, and I even get Anna to swear. 

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A special guest is in the house, Paul Mort, and thus the show has an explicit rating! Paul is an industry mentor, bootcamp king, now fat dad with a love for crossfit and child nutrition. Me and Paul talk about his journey, views on the fitness industry, how to get your child to eat healthier, the issues with being a new dad, strategies for people to help, and a whole load of banter, enjoy. 

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Me and Anna answer your questions and things get slightly heated. I get annoyed at the lack of understanding with diet concepts in the UK and how people are clutching at straws with things like Intermittent Fasting as a last resort to get lean when the protocol clearly doesn't fit the person and their situation. We talk fasting, protein, carb timing, anna's new cookbook and venture deep into the mind of diet psychology, it's an hour long, hold on to your seats... 

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Me and Phil Learney (strength coach & educator) take to the airways to discuss child nutrition. What should we be feeding our kids, how can we make better choices, how can we do things at less cost, how will the information change from a education perspective, it's a sensitive topic and we hope we do it justice. 

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Me and Anna hit your quesitons, talking about sweeteners, supplements for general health, performance supplements, importance of sleep, pre and post workout nutrition, vitamin D intake and timing, green tea, protein powder, how to determine ones body type, workout timing and preference, and cocaine ebooks. 

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I talk to special guest Nate Green from about everything health, muscle, fat loss, mentality, building an awesome life and making the perfect cup of coffee. 

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Me and Anna from throw out a ton of users questions and smash them into the park. Talking carb timing, protein powders, protein cooking, a nutritional knowledge fest! 

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Me and Ru Anderson discuss a course we both recently went on, Phil Learney's Fat loss and performance course. We talk about what we learned, how we might apply it, how it's impacted us and our teaching of clients, and what we might apply in our own nutrition and training. Topics include hydration, carb cycling, fasting, optimal feeding pattern, health from the inside out, contest prep and much more. 

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Ben and Anna are back with a full fat show answering your questions. We delve deep into nutrition and have some fun along the way. 

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