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Today I talk to special guest Andy McKenzie, aka Iron Mac Fitness. Pre warning, this is an explicit show. Andy is a strength coach that I highly respect and love his take and perspective on training and life. We talk about training variables, the importance of developing a base from body weight training, earning the right to progress, ideal program structure, have a piss and a moan about issues in the fitness industry, and look at his personal road back from a major back injury. Another epic show with an epic guest. 

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During a trip to Northern Ireland I collar Phil Graham, competitive body builder, for an hours nutrition, health and fitness chat. Phil was a fascinating guest. At only 25 Phil is one of the go to trainers in Ireland, and runs one of the best gyms I've ever been to, Rockpit Fitness. We talk about Phil's journey, being a body builder with type 1 diabetes, the sport, peoples perception of what it takes to get in great shape, his diet, the benefits of ketosis, how to get big, and of course we atempt to be funny along the way. 

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Special guest James Haskell, England rugby star joins me on the show. This show is knowledge and banter packed, me and James chat about his rugby career, what it takes to be a rugby player in the modern game, the importance of nutrition, how we should structure weight training in season when you play sport, how to manage your recovery, and some behind the scenes gossip. Find James on twitter at @JamesHaskell and online at And for more rugby nutrition help I have a free rugby nutrition ebook over at 

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Special guest Scott Baptie is in the house, a humble yet knowledgable scottish tone and a man defintely with better abs than me. Me and scott talk about his journey in the fitness industry and as a fitness model, business, zombies, nutrition, being realistic and flexible with your diet, enjoying life around your diet and training, and address some of scotts fans questions. 

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Special guest James Clear joins me on the show. James is an all American baseball pro, coach, photographer, entrepreneur, and all round awesome dude. We talk about pro sport in america, tackling your goals in life like a pro athlete, how to build your life to be the way you want it, nutrition protocols and their individual merit, habit change, intermittent fasting, changing the variables when it comes to chasing optimal body composition, lifestyle design, all with a healthy dose of international banter. 

Want more, James made a unique link for listeners of the show with some awesome content:

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Welcome to Ben Coomber Radio, the UK's #1 rated Health & Fitness podcast. Now as I write this I am currently recording show #303, so the show has evolved a lot and come a long way, in episode #1 I'll talk to you about the show, why it exists, what you will learn, who I am, and set the tone for your future listening of the show. Welcome, you're gonna learn a lot, I'm excited your with me, enjoy! 

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