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Did you watch the Netflix documentary 'What the Health'? Did it get you worried? Well in this podcast episode with Joseph Agu we look at the data around the show, whether meat and protein is bad, whether we should be afraid of eggs and dairy, and then what is considered ideal for a gym, protein and building muscle perspective, looking at both plant and animal protein sources. Oh, and musings of crossfit, training intensity, critical thinking, injury rates and pre-bed protein intakes. Enjoy. 

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Is motivation this magical thing that some have and some don't? Maybe, but there is a whole system to developing the mindset to unstoppable motivation, so much so that it's then purely a habit. Join myself and Sal Di Stefano as we delve into motivation, the psychology of being fit, aesthetics vs health and fitness as we age, the problems we see in fitness today, and much more. 

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Do you have fears around your health, food, progress and life in general? This is the episode for you. Myself and Tom discuss the issues people have around food and why, how we can start to alleviate some of the anxiety around food and become more comfortable with it in our lives, why the social aspect of food is key, how this links to our fear of progress and failure in life, and much more. In this show Ben talks a lot from personal experience, and possibly gets a little deep. Enjoy. 

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Are your actions led by ego? This is all too common in fitness and bodybuilding. I talk to Lee about his many years in fitness, bodybuilding and competing. We cover his journey from Karate to bodybuilding, to now accepting and leading a life of balance. We discuss drugs in fitness, mindset, plant based nutrition, and more. An honest chat with a super honest, super humble guy. 

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Can hormones make you gain weight, or stop you from losing weight? I'm joined by PCOS Nutritionist Claire Goodwin as we discuss her background as a competitive athlete and how her weight was never a simple equation of calories in vs calories out. When does basic black and white science not explain someones weight, and what do we do about it? What hormones are key in this process, and how do they work? Find out in today's show, and check out Claire at: 

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When it comes to food & nutrition, why do we do what we do? How do we know when our nutrition or our environment needs to change for a more positive outcome? Could our relationship be a point of friction in optimal dietary outcome? When were presented with a physical problem, like eczema, what do we do, and why? Optimal human health is a right for all, but what steps are limiting factors in us achieving it? Join myself & Tom Bainbridge to find out. 

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What does a new dad do when he wants to train for a fight? Train for it, that's what. Simon Herbert is a fighter, newly appointed dad, gym owner, coach and nutritionist. An expert juggler of all the above with a history of irritable bowel disease we discuss his journey, the battles old and new, not accepting his fate when told be needed a colostomy bag, and how to optimise training and nutrition for a busy and demanding lifestyle. Enjoy. 

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Clean Eating Alice is now Alice Liveing, but why, what happened? In this amazing interview with Alice Liveing we uncover her recent journey of nutritional and fitness change, the journey that took her into this world of Instagram fitness with 3 best selling books, the lessons she has learnt, the pro's and con's of social media, what she hopes for the future of fitness, and more. An inspiring and ranty podcast, you'll love it. 

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Can we push too hard and not make progress? How much is too much? This is the problematic area of fitness, knowing whether you are doing too much, or not enough. The reality is it's very personal, but in this show we explore building muscle, training to extremes, and how to juggle all this with what we coin as 'life'. 

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Want to know who the real Bear Grylls is? This man, Les Stroud. Over 70 episodes where he goes into the wild to survive on his TV show 'Survivorman' that he films himself. Les Stroud joins me on the show to discuss his diet at home and in the world, how he keeps fit, what nature does to the human body and mind, why he programs yoga into his training, why he fasts, what he thinks of veganism seeing as you can't be vegan in the wild, and much more.

Les was an awesome, humble, entertaining guest, with a ton of stories to share. 

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