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Matt Pritchard from TVs Dirty Sanchez is now an ultra endurance vegan athlete, but why? What changed after years of travelling the world and being viewed by 400 million people on the TV show? What damage has he done to his body? Does he see his extreme personality as a positive or a negative? We also discuss his change of career and managing coming down from the high of global fame to a local business live with his barber and tattoo shop? Check out his vegan cooking channel: 

(apologise for the poorer sound quality of this show, we had to do the show on old school tech). 

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What's the deal with women not being able to build muscle as well as men? Are they really weaker in the upper body, and what can we do to combat both these problems? What rep ranges should women be training in? Why is crossfit creating badass female physiques? Then we move on to debate fat in dairy and its micronutrient composition, and we finish with training debates on military and challenging environments. 

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Do you know anyone with an eating disorder? ED's are now a growing problem in the world with social media, mis-information and societal pressure. Someone I've known for many years and been close to has battled with an ED, Anorexia, and now writes, teaches and inspires through her journey, yoga and food how to beat EDs and thrive, to realise your best self isn't one with Anorexia. Join me & my guest Nicola Jane Hobbs for a chat about beating Anorexia. Enjoy. 

More on Nic: 

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Should we be happy all the time? Thats what the self help gurus say no, that if we get it right we should be happy 24/7? In this fascinating episode about happiness I hear about the work of Will Foster, a happiness coaches that calls BS on many of the concepts we believe are true, and opens up a new way to think about being happy. Get this episode downloaded, I promise you're going to love it. 

Find out more about Will here in his Facebook group: 

And grab Will's book The Happiness Gap here: 

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Did you know Facebook depression is now a thing? Social media is a modern day time phenomenon that we have to deal with daily, and for some its affecting our lives both positively, and negatively. In this episode we explore modern technology, brain hacking, emotion shifting, living our lives OUR way, and many other tangents as myself and Tom B go off script and get some stuff off our chests. 

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We all see professional athletes as unreachable; as people in a physical condition we’ll never be able to match. In fact, professional athletes are people just like us. They have just learned how to master the fundamentals – eating, sleeping, training, and thinking. In this episode, presented by Accenture, Official Partner of British Triathlon, I visit Loughborough Performance Centre to chat to British Triathlon coaches Steve Casson and Ben Bright about how to improve on those fundamentals to help you live like an athlete, perform to a higher level, and feel better.

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It’s fair to say that most of us see triathlon as a sport that requires extreme strength and endurance, involves training long hours, and needs very expensive kit. However, the reality is different. In this episode, presented by Accenture, Official Partner of British Triathlon, I visit Loughborough Performance Centre to dispel the myths and get advice from two people in the know – British Triathlon coaches Ben Bright and Steve Casson. We break down those clichés, show you how to get involved at any level, discuss how nothing beats working together, and explain how teamwork is a key part of the sport.  

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Am I in good shape? Am I training too much or too little? Am I pushing too hard? Why am I so tired? We’ve all asked ourselves whether our exercise and nutrition plans are actually adding to our quality of life or affecting it. In this episode, presented by Accenture, Official Partner of British Triathlon, I visit Loughborough Performance Centre to chat to British Triathlon coaches Steve Casson and Ben Bright about what being healthy really means and how to achieve wellbeing by listening to your body.

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Is Pilates and HIIT training the perfect combo to perform in the gym for optimal health and performance? What an earth is anti-dieting, and why is it empowering many women across the globe? What can you learn from pastry chef turned trainer and coach Hollie Grant, author of 'The Model Method'? Join me as I interview the awesome and inspiring lady that is Hollie Grant. 

Find out more about Hollie at: 

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This show is a rocker, with fellow podcaster Brian Keane as we discuss our paths to success as people, what we now learn and why, the personality traits we have and why, why we love BIG scary goals and how it defines us, success as a human and what it means at a deep level, Brian's journey in fitness, and much more. Check out me on Brians show at, episode 59: 

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