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What role does the metabolism have in fat loss, a huge amount, but what individual variations are there, what do we need to be aware of? What is meant by the term metabolic adaptation, and do some individuals metabolisms adapt very well to dietary intake compared to others? How have Layne's thoughts evolved over the last few years on reverse dieting and metabolic damage? We also discuss Layne's recent run in with a bad injury and where his training is taking him now.

A cracker of a show packed with knowledge from one of the industries greats! 

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Do superfoods exist, arguments are for and against, but who is correct, and what advice does this elicit for our future nutrition? 

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Are you giving yourself the chance to be successful? I answer a question from an ex youth athlete on why she can't break the cycle to get back into achieving some success in her life. So I look at the why's, the hows, and the environment we surround ourselves with, and whether this is conductive to success, and how us as influences on young people can help this awkward transition. 

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Do you fart? We all do, but some more than others. How do we know when its just normal, and when its due to intolerances and sensitivities in our diet? Find out... 

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How does our environment interact with us on many levels? Are we aware of all the things that can contribute to optimal health? I speak to Jaclyn Dunne, a holistic practitioner, hypnotherapist, an CHEK lifestyle coach about her journey with the gut, her opinion on aspartame, hypnotherapy, toxins in our diet, and the 80/20 approach she lives by. Check out Jaclyn and her work by searching 'Mind and body detox' on all platforms. 

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How does someone with hyper-mobility need to exercise? Does anything change with nutrition? What about supplements? Its a different case, let's discuss the approach... 

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Why do we fear success, and is fear a barrier to so much in our life? My guest Stephen Aish looks at why we feel guilt, and pain, and how to look around these debilitating emotions. How can simple mindset shifts start to uncover more success in our lives? How does meditation impact our brain and all our physical actions? Find out more and check out Stephen Aish over on Facebook "Stephen Aish BTN Mindset Coach" 

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How do you want to look when you get old? How much of it is in our control? There is an element of ageing gracefully, but also pushing to look awesome, so where do we draw the line of body beautiful into old age... 

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An injury focused show and its impact on the body and mind, looking at the metabolism and training load, how it will affect performance, strategies to train while injured, mindset shifting, and when it's time to reach out and get a coach. Show with Co-host Rachel Guy. 

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What do you do when you're not getting results? You're putting in all this effort, all this training, all this time, and you're not seeing the results in the mirror or in the gym? Find out... 

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