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This week we delve into the world of training for a purpose. The body building split has been around for donkeys years, and everyone is doing it, but is it enabling you to reach your goals? I also ramble about dog food and the comparisons to human nutrition and health, eating when in difficult situations, and why your answer is often in your question. 

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We expand on podcast 131 and delve deeper into body image and depression. Gary Turner is back as we ask the questions, where does a faulty body image perception come from, why visualisation is key, how food intolerances play into the 'chemical imbalance' theory, the root cause of many issues, and why images, videos and gym culture are compounding these issues we see. 

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Rachel and I wage in on the clean eating debate and look at the evolution of clean eating, and whether it has been a negative or positive influence in the world of health and fitness. We also discuss productivity hacks, I read a story about porn, respect that exists in fitness today online, food guilt, how to structure training when you work a week of night shifts, getting the pump in training, and many other rants. 

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Kamal Patel joins me to discuss the fitness industry and it's wrath of bogus supplementation. What should people be taking, why, how, where the future lies for supplements, and the journey that Examine has been on to be a go to resource on supplement science. Let this show be a definitive guide on using supplements that work, and avoid ones that don't work. 

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Depression gets the better of many people, in this show we explore the root causes of shifts in your mental health and answer many questions you will have. I talk to Will Barton a personal trainer from Manchester who was a past sufferer of depression, and contextualize his story with the scientific basis with the help of Gary Turner. We talk about why, the initial anxiety people experience, the pressure we put on ourselves that leads to a negative mindset, how this becomes a catch 22 scenario, and strategies to resolve this pattern. 

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